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Senator Josh Hawley Joins Clay Travis to Discuss Woj F-Bomb, NBA & China

Clay Travis had a long form conversation with Missouri Senator Josh Hawley over the weekend after Senator Hawley made headlines following his letter that he wrote to the NBA and Commissioner Adam Silver.

In his letter, Hawley questioned the NBA's decision to limit the messages that players are being allowed to wear on the backs of their jerseys. The NBA is allowing slogans of social justice, but only pre-approved messages that have been deemed appropriate by the NBA.

In response to Hawley's letter to the NBA, ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski sent an email back that simply stated "F*** you." This response obviously made headlines, Hawley says he doesn't care about an apology, and that he'd rather the focus be on China.

On Monday's Outkick program, Clay played a portion of their conversation. The two discuss how it went down, and go over a lot of the current issues and hypocrisies that the NBA and ESPN have been displaying recently in regards to social justice in this country, and what is going on in China.

Click the play-button to hear the full audio.

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Senator Josh Hawley Joins Clay Travis to Discuss Woj F-Bomb, NBA & China