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Senator Josh Hawley Talks 'F**k You' Email From ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski

Clay Travis: “How soon after that email goes out did Adrian Wojnarowski write back ‘F**K You’ from his ESPN corporate email account to your office for having the gall to ask the NBA about its response to China?”

Josh Hawley: “We got that back from him within 2 minutes. We sent out the press release about our letter at 8:55 and at 8:57 Woj writes back on his i-Phone… People troll us all the time, but I’ve never seen that type of response from a media member before. My first thought was that it must be fake and what is the deal here, but no, it said ‘’ My other thought is that he’s just saying what ESPN thinks. Frankly, I’m not surprised… ESPN and Disney, their parent company, benefit financially too from the NBA’s relationship with China. In terms of their employees' and staff’s views, it’s not called ‘WokeCenter’ for nothing. This is become all too typical for media. They won’t report the news and they won’t ask the tough questions. The real news is why isn’t ESPN asking these questions to the NBA and saying ‘Hey, hold on just a second, are you not going to say anything about what’s going on in this country that you make literally billions of dollars from??' Why aren’t they pressing them? That’s the real issue… I want to be clear about something. I never asked for an apology from Woj. I don’t want one, and I don’t want him ‘cancelled’ either. I’m not asking him to be fired, and I don’t want him fired. ESPN made him go out and apologize, but that is a distraction from the bottom line… They’re bought in 100% to the corporate ‘WOKE’ agenda of the NBA, and haven't bought into what is going on in China.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Missouri Senator Josh Hawley join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis to discuss his now-infamous email exchange with ESPN NBA reporter Adrian Wojnarowski, after the popular newsbreaker went viral over the weekend for a different type of ‘Woj Bomb.’

After Hawley sent a letter to top NBA executives, officials, and reporters on his concerns over the league allowing players to put social justice slogans on the back of their jerseys, but not including such phrases like ‘Support our Troops’, ‘Back the Blue’, or ‘FREE HONG KONG.’

Hawley says Wojnarowski responded two minutes after the email was sent saying simply ‘F*** You.’

After Hawley revealed the profane response in a screenshot on Twitter, Wojnarowski was suspended by ESPN, and issued an apology on his Twitter account.

Check out the interview above as Hawley explains why he doesn’t think Wojnarowski should be fired or suspended, and says he didn’t even think Wojnarowski needed to apologize, but says his suspension is the headline ESPN wanted all along, which diverted attention from what Hawley highlighted in his email, which wanted the NBA and ESPN to have a backbone when standing up to China, and speaking out on their unspeakable human rights violations.

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