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Stop Saying Patrick Mahomes' Contract Gives Dak Prescott More Leverage

Ben Maller: “The Cowboys won’t be handcuffed long term to a suspect player like Dak Prescott. Just like in politics, we have a public/private dichotomy here, where publicly Jerry Jones and the Dallas brass have to use platitudes, code language, and speak in glittering generalities when talking about Dak. They don’t want to step on his delicate little toes. Privately it’s very wise of the Cowboys to hold off pulling the Brinks truck up and just emptying out all the gold coins. Dak Prescott is the living embodiment of a ‘Paper Tiger.’ He’s OVERRATED. Overrated does not mean terrible, overrated just means not as good as many people think he is.” (Full Video Above)

Check out the video above as Ben Maller explains why he doesn’t think that Patrick Mahomes’ recording-breaking $503 million deal will affect the leverage Dak Prescott has in contract negotiations with the Cowboys, as many have assumed that quarterbacks like Dak and Deshaun Watson were big winners from Mahomes' mammoth deal.

Check out the video above as Maller explains why he thinks Prescott is one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL, and a guy who the Cowboys publicly boast, but privately roast.

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