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Joe Theismann: 85% of Native Americans I Spoke To Were Proud Of 'Redskins'

Joe Theismann: 85% of Native Americans I Spoke To Were Proud Of 'Redskins'

Today on The DanPatrick Show, legendary Washington quarterback Joe Theismann spoke with Dan Patrick about his former franchise's decades-long decision to finally change the 'Redskins' name. Theismann opened up about why the change occurred at this moment in history and what he learned from speaking with Native Americans over the years.

Joe Theismann: "In 1972, the logo itself was designed by a Native American. It was modeled after the Buffalo Nickel. Before I ever got into this conversation about the name...and this has been going on for decades... I wanted to talk to Native Americans and get their opinion on the 'Washington Redskins' name. I'd say 85% of those I spoke to were positive about it and proud of the heritage...and they were glad that the team represented them. There's a percentage that didn't like it and that exists today. For whatever reason, and economics was surely a part of it, there's going to be a change and we'll move forward. They made a decision after eight days...we've talked about things that should change in this country and yet they don't. If the Washington football organization can do something in eight days...why can't other branches of life get something done? It's a change that has come and for those of us that played under the 'Redskins' moniker, there's a great legacy and history that we're proud of. I'm excited for this young team and for them to establish their own numbers going forward."

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