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Ron Rivera Explains Why He Didn't Bring Cam Newton With Him to Washington

Dan Patrick: “At what point did you see enough where you said ‘Hey, Dwayne Haskins is going to be my quarterback'?”
Ron Rivera: “I’ve seen enough to say that he’s going to compete to be our quarterback. If you really go back and watch those four games that he started and played you felt pretty good about. I did, that’s for sure. But as I said though, I’m not saying he’s our starting quarterback, what I’m saying is that he’s in position to be our starting quarterback. He showed enough that I believe we have to give him a look. I’m going to be very honest. That’s why I didn’t jump out and try to get Cam signed right away, because I have to watch Dwayne and see where he is. I can’t stunt his growth and we’ve got to give him the opportunity to show us what he can and can’t do.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to ‘Washington Football Team’ head coach Ron Rivera, formerly the frontman of the Carolina Panthers, explain why he elected not bring his former quarterback Cam Newton with him to Washington, as many in the media wondered why Rivera didn’t help Newton find a home when his free agent status was dwindling.

Check out the interview above as Rivera details why Washington didn’t sign Newton, but also expresses how happy he was that Newton got a shot with the New England Patriots.

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