SEC Commissioner: SEC is Still Planning to Play College Football Next Month

Dan Patrick: "Are the student-athletes safer by playing football? Can you make a case for that?"
Greg Sankey: "I certainly think you can make a case, and we have made a case that they're in a much more healthy situation working out in our facilities with our medical care, and with our health protocols around COVID, compared to going to lift weights at your local gym with who knows is overseeing you... What we're continuing to do is support the healthy return of competition... Our medical advisory group has said, 'Yes, we can continue to go forward.' Were that advice to change, it certainly would be a stopping point, but the indicators are we can, right now, do what we're doing in a healthy way. We're going to continue to consider that central issue -- health -- as we move forward, we hope, towards competition with no assurances that that will actually take place."
DP: “First game is scheduled when?”
Sankey: “September 26th.”
DP: “And it is still scheduled for September 26th?”
Sankey: “It is…I thought the world would be happy about the SEC finally playing!”

Listen to SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey join The Dan Patrick Show to detail why his conference is still planning on opening its football season on Saturday, September 26th, despite the tumultuous last 48 hours in college football that has seen every Power 5 conferences tussle with the unprecedented scenario of cancelling its season.

Check out the interview above as Sankey explains why he thinks these programs can offer a safer environment to their players than they would be at home just ‘hanging out’ in their hometowns without any sort of testing protocol and expert medical surveillance on hand at all times.

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