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Clay Travis: State Governors Deserve Say in Fate of College Football Season

Clay Travis: “I think governors are important in many of these states and need to be involved... You shouldn’t allowed as a university president, who is an unelected official, to be behind closed doors while you make the decision to close down college athletics, without having to be involved in the larger debate about the proper response to the coronavirus. Not just for athletics but for school in general. For better or worse, politicians actually have to go in front of the public and defend their positions, and then have the public vote to whether they think the politician did a good or bad job. The school presidents are not elected by any of their state constituency, so why would a school president be able to make this decision without having to consider the constituency that is paying his/her salary? These presidents shouldn’t be allowed to vote behind closed doors, and should have to stand up and explain why they're making the decision that they’re making… If a state institution is shutting down athletes, then you should have the ability to force that school president to answer for what is being said… At least with democracy, if a governor is making this decision and you disagree with it, you can hold that governor accountable the next time they go in front of the public to be elected. We’re paying these school presidents' salary, but we have no control over the decisions that they’re making. They shouldn’t be able to hide.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he thinks state governors should have a say in whether state institutions play college sports this fall, as Clay believes a school president shouldn’t have authority to decide the fate of a season as an unelected official whose salary is being paid by taxpayers.

Clay believes that the decision should solely come down to the governor of the state instead of a 'secret vote behind closed doors' by the school president, which would result in transparency, and some actual accountability, as Clay details why governors, unlike school presidents, could then be held responsible for their decision by the voting public who pay their salary.

Check out the video above.

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