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Jason Whitlock: The NBA's Bubble in Orlando Resembles Communist China

Clay Travis: “We have media members inside the NBA Bubble who are grilling individual players, referees, and coaches about their decision to stand, but I haven’t seen anybody ask Adam Silver or anybody else in a position of prominence about China at all. Doesn’t this feel a little bit like state-sponsored media that nobody would even raise that as an issue when everybody is talking about social justice issues in all of these press conferences? There’s a pretty big hypocrisy in not addressing China when you're out there ripping the United States left and right, and nobody is even asking.”

Jason Whitlock: “The NBA Bubble in Orlando is China – a state-controlled environment, and the press is afraid of getting on the wrong side of the people in power in the NBA because they’re living inside that bubble. They don’t want to be on the wrong side of Adam Silver, the supreme ruler of the NBA, they don’t want to be on the wrong side of LeBron James, and they don’t want to be on the wrong side of the NBA’s power structure because they’re survival in that bubble in their mind is dependent upon being on the right side of those people. They’re FEARFUL. Will I get cut-off from access? Will I get cut off from texting? The NBA Bubble is communist China brought here to America. There are certain questions that the media has been trained to go out and ask, and there are certain questions that they are afraid to ask. There’s no freedom of press and everyone is just going along and being obedient to the power structure of the NBA and what they want accomplished. That’s a little communist country they have going on down there in Orlando.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen Jason Whitlock and Clay Travis discuss the press coverage of the NBA’s Bubble in Orlando, and explain why they believe it resembles the type of state-sponsored media that you see in a communist country like China where the media has to be completely obedient to the powers that be, and not stray away from anything resembling unconformity or dissent.

Check out the video above as Whitlock details why the NBA’s Bubble is nothing short of a communist country in Orlando when it comes to the media’s pursuit of hand-picked social justice causes with zero acknowledgement of the terrors in Hong Kong or China.

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