Colin Cowherd: Baker Mayfield's NFL Career Comes Down to the Next 4 Weeks

Colin Cowherd: “I think the organization will make a decision on Baker Mayfield in the next 4 games. This general manager did not draft him, this coach did not select him, they inherited him, and it’s really easy in professional sports as a general manager to bail on somebody else’s picks. It’s much tougher to bail on your own because you have to acknowledge ‘oh, I screwed up’ to the owner. The next four weeks are really crucial – Washington, Dallas, Indy, and Pittsburgh. Washington and Pittsburgh have SCARY pass rushes, and Indy’s is emerging as really good. Why does it matter? Mayfield, according to Pro Football Reference, is AWFUL under pressure and completes only 35% of his throws under pressure, bottom of the NFL at 29th, and his quarterback rating is only 24. Not only is he the worst quarterback in the league, he’s 33rd. There are non-starters better than him! In a league where many of the young quarterbacks are excellent at escaping pressure, Baker is TERRIBLE under pressure. Washington this week brings heat, Pittsburgh in a month has the best front-seven in football, and the Colts acquired DeForest Buckner and have a healthy pass rush. I think the new GM and the new coach will make a decision... People make decisions privately long before they make then publicly” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Baker Mayfield’s career with the Browns will be decided in the next 4 games, as the Browns will face daunting pass rushes the likes of Washington, Indianapolis, and Pittsburgh in three of the next four weeks.

Check out the video above as Colin thinks this will be Mayfield's last ditch effort to impress a new GM and new head coach that wasn’t there when the team selected him first overall in the 2018 NFL Draft.

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