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Radio Host Blasts Carlos Correa, Calls Him an 'Insufferable Little Punk'

Carlos Correa: “I know a lot of people are mad, and I know a lot of people don’t want to see us here, but what are they going to say now? We’re a solid team, we play great baseball, we won a series on the road in Minnesota, so what are they gonna say now??"

Ben Maller: “What a depressing day for baseball fans. We were ALL pulling for the Twins and no one wanted this outcome. It means the SCOUNDRELS, the CHEATERS, and the DEPLORABLES advanced… That leads us to the comments that came after from that pompous and arrogant Astros shortstop, Carlos Correa… This response was on-brand and addition to why everyone hates you. The reason you are deplorable is not only do you cheat but you are gobsmacked to why there has been so much pushback… Correa is the posterboy of the obtuse athlete. This guy thinks in his warped head that a couple of wins in an extended postseason silences you, me, and everybody else… He must be smoking bath salts or something. Every man, woman, and child associated with the 2017 Astros is branded a cheat, and there is nothing you can do on the field to change what you did. You cheated, you took a World Series title that you did not deserve, you have proven to be frauds, and you were given immunity you little punk… Carlos Correa has proven time and time again to be an insufferable donkey. He doesn’t have an honorable bone in his body as a player.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Fox Sports Radio host Ben Maller fire back at Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa after Correa addressed the Astros ‘haters’ in their postgame press conference moments after sweeping the Minnesota Twins in the AL Wild Card Series, asking all their critics out there ‘what are you gonna say now??’

Well, Maller came prepared with a lot of things to say to the most outspoken player on the infamous 2017 Astros team that used illicit camera technology to steal the signs of other teams, and eventually was exposed to be apart of one of the darkest scandals in sports history.

Check out the segment above as Maller calls Correa a ‘deplorable donkey.’

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