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Colin Cowherd: Bucs Players Want to Play Hard and Win For Tom Brady

Colin Cowherd: “In the first half the Bucs were apathetic at home, they had a pick-six, they trailed, they had the weapons but couldn’t make it work, and didn’t have the maturity to bring them back. In the second half Tom Brady happened. They had actual adjustments, they scored on every possession, they spread the ball to 9 different receivers, and all five touchdown passes were to five different receivers. That’s not ability, that is BELIEF. That is coaches listening to Brady at half. The defense for Tampa Bay suddenly got outstanding. They trailed five times at half last year and only once could they muster the ability to come back... Down 17, that wasn’t ability what you saw yesterday, it was the BELIEF in players believing in Tom Brady. Brady is the greatest comeback quarterback of all time, and it changes the defense, it changes the coaching, and it changes the belief system when you go into half getting your arse kicked at home. The belief system in Tampa has always been flimsy, but it no longer is.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are thriving with Tom Brady as their quarterback, as Colin says it has nothing to do with Brady’s physical talents compared to Jameis Winston's, but rather the team and coaching staff’s BELIEF that Brady will bring them back from any adversity.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Tampa Bay's 17-point comeback on Sunday to shock the Chargers in the second half is a microcosm of why the Buccaneers have so much hype around potentially winning the Super Bowl this season.

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