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Clay Travis: NBA Finals TV Ratings Are Plummeting Because of 'Woke' Players

Clay Travis: “The NBA Finals posted the lowest viewership of my life with the game between the Heat and the Lakers in Game 2. Only 4.5 million watched, which is down almost 70% from last year’s Game 2 between the Warriors and the Raptors when 13.9 million people watched. This is an unmitigated disaster for the NBA even though most people won’t talk about it with you. NO ONE is watching the NBA Finals and I feel like a big reason why is because the extreme politics that the NBA has decided to bring to bear ever since they returned to play in the Bubble. I think the great masses of sports fans are saying OK, If you want to insult us and make it seem like you’re lecturing us throughout the entirety of the game with the statements on the back of the jerseys, statements on the court, and you refusing to stand for the National Anthem, I think the American public is basically saying ‘OK, SEE YA, NBA!’ I believe the NBA has a major brand crisis on its hands, and it’s fascinating to think about how this is all going to shake out.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss the NBA Finals’ plunging television ratings, and why Clay believes the unremitting push for a left-wing agenda is the reason why fans are turning off NBA broadcasts in record numbers.

Check out the video above and more with Clay's take below, as Clay details why he thinks the league has a ‘brand crisis’ on their hand if they continue to come off as trying to 'lecture' its audience with ‘woke’ politics.

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