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Clay Travis on LeBron Winning NBA Finals: 'I Don’t Think Most of You Care'

Clay Travis: “Lakers won the championship, I don’t think most of you care. I had very little people reacting to the Lakers, compared to what happened in Sunday Night Football. There’s lot of places out there that you can go listen to ‘wHaT dOeS tHiS dO fOr LeBrOn’S lEgAcY? iS hE bEtTeR tHaN jOrDaN??’ The same usual suspects can have those conversations, but this ain’t that kind of show. You can go find that talk somewhere else. On Mondays we talk about college football and the NFL, period. So that’s what we do on this show, and if you wanna go listen to Jordan and LeBron debates you can go listen to old dudes talk about that. It’s not what we do on this show.” (Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis explain why he’s not spending any time talking about LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA Finals over the Miami Heat on Sunday night.

Check out the segment above as Clay says he doubts ‘most of you care’, and says he’d rather spend his time discussing big stories around the NFL and college football, and not ‘wHaT dOeS tHiS dO fOr LeBrOn’S lEgAcY? iS hE bEtTeR tHaN jOrDaN??’

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