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Colin Cowherd: Cowboys Players Have Already Quit on Mike McCarthy

Colin Cowherd: “It’s not just about losing. Brian Flores lost last year but we kept saying ‘boy, they are getting better and better every week.’ The New York Giants are losing but they’re getting a little better every week. The Bengals have a win and a tie and they look really promising. Kliff Kingsbury last year was 5-11, but nobody was calling him out with a new system. He was a really good ‘fit’ for Kyler Murray. Mike McCarthy is a BAD fit right now in the NFL. Dallas players aren’t playing hard and we should not have been surprised by this. Aaron Rodgers had open contempt about McCarthy for the last three years. When Mike McCarthy, who had a won a Super Bowl, got fired in Green Bay, he had no takers… Mike McCarthy is a dinosaur who is trying to tell you how progressive he is. It’s not for Mike McCarthy but he’s trying to sell you on it. I think Mike McCarthy, who is still a fairly young guy, got fired in Green Bay and he got scared. I’ve seen executives in my business do this where they panic and try to sell you that they love the new world, but they really don’t. It’s like the dad whose daughter forces him to go on Tik Tok and he pretends like he likes it but he really doesn’t. He’s trying to sell himself on his system, and how he likes analytics, but it’s not who he is. Dallas players aren’t buying it and they are OUT.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Dallas Cowboys players have quit on head coach Mike McCarthy, and why he thinks McCarthy’s lack of embrace for football analytics is ultimately leading to his demise in the NFL.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks McCarthy is exposing himself as a ‘dinosaur’ in a modern NFL that doesn’t have any usage for him anymore.

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