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Colin Cowherd: Get Russell Wilson Help Or He'll Become NFL's James Harden

Colin Cowherd: “There’s a saying in Seattle called ‘LET RUSS COOK.’ But we didn’t ask that he runs the whole damn restaurant. He needs a LITTLE help while he’s cooking. Could you have a prep cook? Could you have some waiters? Could you have someone washing the dishes?? He has no help. They can’t cover anybody, and they have no pass rush. Myles Garrett has 9 sacks this year. The entire Seattle TEAM has 9 sacks. Jamal Adams leads the team in sacks, and he’s a safety who has only played in nine games. They can’t guard anyone, they can’t cover, they can’t get pressure, and they’re giving up 6.3 yards per play. You wanna know the other two teams close to that? 1-6 Atlanta and Jacksonville. Seattle should be 1-5. We all know how bad the Cowboys defense is, but Seattle's defense has given up more yards in one less game. There’s a difference between ‘Let Russ Cook’ and ‘Force Russ to run the entire restaurant.’ They have gotta make some moves, he’s EVERYTHING. Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are becoming James Harden and the Rockets. It can be mesmerizing, historic, and fascinating, but there is a reason that James Harden is out of GAS by the first round every year, and you’re going to absolutely run Russell Wilson into the ground with this football team. He needs HELP. SOMETHING! ANYTHING!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why the one-dimensional Seahawks must get Russell Wilson some help on the defensive side of the ball, or the team will turn into a Houston Rockets type team who overwhelming depends on James Harden as the one player to determine their fate in every game.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Russell Wilson has more pressure on him to perform at an MVP level every game than every quarterback in the league, simply because their defense is so bad and there is zero margin for error if Seattle wants to win.

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