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Colin Cowherd: Tom Brady Proving He's More Valuable than Bill Belichick

Colin Cowherd: “This league is all about QUARTERBACKS. Seven games in and Tom Brady has TRANSFORMED the Buccaneers franchise. Have you watched New England? Bill Belichick, the smartest football coach ever, has won 43% of the games in his career when he didn’t have Tom Brady starting… Look at arrogant New England. Remember that article a couple of years ago? One of the assistants said ‘we can win with a lot of quarterbacks here.’ Well you got Cam, and it ain’t working. In this divorce, one has remarried and is flourishing, and New England is living in a van down by the river. I like strategy, I like data, I can be a football nerd, but this is about THE DUDE. It’s about BRADY.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks it’s becoming painfully obvious that Tom Brady is winning the divorce with former head coach Bill Belichick, as Brady’s Bucs are 5-2 and suddenly the favorites in the NFC, while the Patriots are coming off their worst home loss of the Belichick era.

Check out the segment above as Colin details how Brady has transformed an entire Tampa franchise from top to bottom, the likes no other player in that team's history has ever.

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