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Cam Newton is So Washed Up

Cam Newton is Not a Good Quarterback
Jason Smith: “This is Cam Newton’s third really bad game in a row... Everybody wanted to give Cam Newton the MVP after Week 2, and said 'let’s sign him to a big contract extension! He’s a former MVP!' Before the season I told you ‘get back to me, if he’s still doing this in Week 8.’ After teams get about 4 weeks of tape on a new quarterback in a new offense, that’s when everybody starts to make adjustments. Newton has been TERRIBLE, 2 touchdowns, 7 picks. He’s not good, and he hasn’t been good. I don’t know where this narrative suddenly came from of ‘CAM NEWTON IS THE MVP! WATCH THIS HIGHLIGHT VIDEO FROM 2014!’ It’s not 2014, and this is not THAT Cam Newton you are getting. You’re getting a guy that is 30 now, is beat up, and has less physically going for him than he ever has. He doesn’t have anything around him and the skill position players in New England are terrible. He hasn’t been good in five years, and you suddenly don’t just get better again.”

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Cam Newton is shot at the age of 30 and simply just a shell of his former self, as Newton has just two touchdowns compared to seven interceptions for a plummeting Patriots team who has lost three straight games.

Check out the audio above as Jason Smith details why he doesn’t understand how so many in the media were quick to label Newton an MVP candidate earlier in the year when we haven’t see that version of Cam in 5 years.

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