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Colin Cowherd: Browns Will Be a Better Team Without Odell Beckham Jr.

Colin Cowherd: The Browns Will Be Better Without Odell Beckham Jr.
Colin Cowherd: “The Browns are better without Odell Beckham Jr, I’ve been saying this for two years… People react off people. Superstars and stars, even when fading, get an inordinate amount of hype and attention, and it can create jealousy in a locker room. It can suffocate other personalities and they’re not allowed to blossom. OBJ leaving is going to allow Baker Mayfield to sprinkle the ball around like he’s at Oklahoma when he’s at his best. This is not a criticism of OBJ. He’s a generational talent, he's good looking, he’s got flair, he’s got the one-handed catch, he’s got a brand, he’s got a Bentley, he’s got this and that, and Baker feels a need to get him the ball. Wouldn’t you? It would be one thing if it’s Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Russell Wilson –‘talk to the hand, I’ll get it to you when I want to get it to you because I’m a star too.’ Baker and Cleveland will be a different offense – maybe not quite as explosive, but they will share the ball a little more, less pressure, less hype, and less expectation.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Cleveland Browns will actually be a better team without superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr, as Colin believes Baker Mayfield will no longer be faced with the burden of impressing OBJ out on the field, and thus will open up the offense to a much more balanced attacked.

Check out the audio above as Colin details the ‘Patrick Ewing Theory’, a paradox made famous by Bill Simmons that explains the psychology behind famous cases of sports teams that amazingly became much better the instant their best player left the team or got injured.

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