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Doug Gottlieb Rips Lamar Jackson For Throwing His Coach Under the Bus

Rich Eisen:“From the eye test it looks like things aren’t coming as easy for you this year. Is that a safe way to look at it?”

Lamar Jackson: “A lot of it is schemes. We’re going against defenses and they’re calling out our plays... Like they know what we’re doing. Sometimes stuff won’t go our way because they beat us to the punch.”

Eisen: “So, you’re hearing on the other side of the line of scrimmage the defense calling out your plays?”

Jackson: “Yes, definitely, like runs. That kind of stuff. ‘Watch out for this, watch out for that,’ and sometimes that’s what’s going on.”

Doug Gottlieb: “In other words, that’s the ‘It’s my fault, I blame Greg Roman. Our schemes are too simple.’ Why do we think they’re too simple?... Do you think that NFL teams have NOT run college offenses for years because of any other reason besides they don’t work long-term?Do you think that Greg Roman doesn’t throw more complex schemes at Lamar Jackson because he doesn’t think it would work? Whatever the real reason for the Baltimore Ravens offense struggling, the fact is that the first thing Lamar Jackson needs to say is ‘It’s on me’, like he always has. ‘WE gotta figure out a way to be better.’ You don’t have to let the world in on the fact that everyone knows your offense, and everybody knows what you’re doing… Whether it’s Roman’s style, or just what they think Lamar can handle, like, look dude, we can’t put you with 4 or 5 wide. You have shown that ability… Was Greg Roman's play-calling bad last year when you won the MVP? Is it that Greg Roman can’t evolve, or it is that Greg Roman doesn’t think Lamar Jackson can evolve? Last year Greg Roman was a genius, this year Greg Roman is a dope. I don’t understand. Here’s me being critical of Lamar Jackson. Whatever is in-house, keep it in-house. Whatever frustrations you have with the offense, keep it with the offense. Because what you just did was take your offensive coordinator who built up that offense to which you won an MVP, and you threw him in the bus. And then you backed the bus up, and ran over him again… Their starting quarterback, who has always said the right thing, throwing his offensive coordinator under the bus is the beginning of beating yourself.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out Lamar Jackson for his recent comments on the Rich Eisen Show attributing the woes of a slumping Ravens offense to the team's play-calling schemes, saying that Jackson might as well have thrown Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman under a bus, and then backed over him again after the unexpected public admissions.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb says you can’t win an MVP under the direction of a coach one year, and then be critical of his ‘schemes’ when you’re play hasn’t been nearly as good a year later.

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