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Pat Forde: Justin Fields is Being Overrated Because He Plays For Ohio State

Dan Patrick: “I had a source who really is an NFL scout say ‘look, it’s really hard to assess Ohio State quarterbacks because the talent is so great.’ If you’re looking at Dwayne Haskins it’s a one-year of ‘hey, what did you see there?’ You had it with Cardale Jones, and now you have it with Justin Fields there. Have you seen ‘hey, I know this guy is going to be really good’, and it’s an Ohio State quarterback?"

Pat Forde: “I think Justin Fields is very good. Look, I’m not a scout, but I don’t think he’s as good as Trevor Lawrence, and I’m not sure he’s as good as Zach Wilson, who is really fun and really good. The offense is so good, the scheme is great, the players around him are great... How much does he REALLY have to do? We’ll see. I thought he was very, very good for the most part against Clemson when you’re matched up against excellent talent, and excellent coaching in a big game, but he had some turnovers in that game. I think Justin Fields is certainly going to be a first round pick, we’ll see how high, but there certainly is an element of ‘are we drafting a guy who everyone around him makes him look better than he is?” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Sports Illustrated writer Pat Forde join The Dan Patrick Show and explain to Dan why he has trepidation towards Justin Fields’ future in the NFL, as Forde says he’s not sure if Fields is better than BYU quarterback Zach Wilson, and says Fields might be another classic case of an overrated college prospect who was only elevated because of elite talent, and intricate schemes.

Fields has an unprecedented 52/3 touchdown-to-interception ratio in two seasons at Ohio State, and many believe he will be the second player selected in the 2021 NFL Draft behind Clemson's Trevor Lawrence.

Check out the segment above as DP and Forde wonder if Fields will become another Dwayne Haskins.

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