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Doug Gottlieb Blasts Isiah Thomas For Taking Jab at Michael Jordan

Shannon Sharpe: “Who would you say are the five toughest players you’ve ever had to face?”

Isiah Thomas: “You can just go by the winning records, right? Magic, Kareem, Bird, Doctor J, and then I would say Jordan... Head to head, I was dominant over Michael Jordan… It really wasn’t a competition there… My focus was on Bird, Magic, Dr. J, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.”

Doug Gottlieb: “Isiah Thomas doesn’t like Michael Jordan because Michael Jordan STOLE his city… We have to have Isiah Thomas recuse himself from any conversation revolving around Michael Jordan. He got jealous because Isiah is from Chicago, Jordan shows up to Chicago, SAVES the Bulls, and becomes the most popular player in the NBA. Isiah freezes him out in the All-Star Game, and then Michael Jordan keeps him off the Dream Team. Which was proceeded by the fact that Isiah Thomas blew off the Bulls and wouldn’t shake hands when they beat them, even though Jordan stayed on the court and shook their hands the two previous years when the Pistons beat the Bulls. You can defame Michael Jordan all you want, but you lose every basketball person when you say so… You CANNOT ask Isiah Thomas about Michael Jordan. He hated Jordan, he was jealous of Jordan, Jordan overtook the league, Jordan overtook Chicago, and Jordan, because of all the crap Isiah did talking crap about Magic Johnson – his best friend, and him saying Larry Bird was only regarded well because he was White, Jordan said to keep him off the Dream Team. Isiah can’t let it go, nor should he, but he should recuse himself.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb blast NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas for comments he made on Wednesday during an appearance on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast where Thomas said that Jordan was the ‘fifth toughest player I’ve ever played against', adding 'It wasn't really much competition there.'

Check out the video above as Doug says we can’t take anything Isiah says about Jordan seriously, considering the Chicago native, Zeke, had his city forever 'stolen' from him by MJ, then had to watch Jordan become the most popular player in the league, and then eventually Jordan's Bulls put the Bad Boy Pistons out to pasture that culminated in the infamous handshake spurning at the conclusion of the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.

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