Colin Cowherd: 'Duct Tape' Taysom Hill is Not a Long-Term Option For Saints

Colin Cowherd: “Running quarterbacks work, they just don’t last. The element of surprise works. The ‘Wildcat’ offense worked in this league for a year. Hiking the ball to a running back worked. Even New England and Belichick tried it. IT WORKED. It didn’t LAST. Lamar Jackson worked, Colin Kaepernick worked, Tim Tebow won seven straight games… IT DOESN’T LAST, the league figures it out. Taysom Hill was effective for a game because Sean Payton isn’t making a decision for the future of the Saints, he’s making a decision for three weeks. Sean Payton wants to win three games and then Drew Brees is back – THAT’S IT… We’ve seen Lamar, Kaepernick, and Tebow catch people off guard, and it takes months, sometimes a year for people to figure it out. Atlanta’s defense looked hot, looked lost, and looked like they didn’t quite know what to do yesterday… The Saints have a really good defense, and Taysom Hill runs, eats the clock, takes some wear and tear off Alvin Kamara, and doesn’t have a history of lots of mistakes like Jameis… There’s a reason ‘duct tape’ in life works. Duct tape buys you time until you get a solution for something. Taysom Hill could very well be just the world’s best duct tape, and all you wanna do is just win 3 games… Tim Tebow won 7 games in a row and couldn’t throw the ball -- nothing close to Taysom Hill -- and Taysom is a much better athlete. The element of surprise worked. This is duct tape. Sean Payton just wants to win three games, that’s ALL he wants. Jameis is the better long-term answer, but we’re not talking long-term.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think Taysom Hill is a long-term answer in New Orleans coming off the Saints’ 24-9 win over the Falcons in which Hill went 18/23 for 233 yards, and rushed for 51 yards, including two touchdowns.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he thinks Hill was simply ‘duct tape’ for a Saints offense who took advantage of the ‘element of the surprise’ against one of the league’s worst defenses, and why he thinks Jameis Winston is the long-term answer over Hill, who Colin thinks is simply the perfect stopgap for three weeks while Drew Brees gets healthy.

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