Former NFL Doctor Predicts When Joe Burrow Can Return From His Injury

Dr. David Chao: “On Monday the news of the ACL and MCL came out, and I think it took some people and threw them into a tailspin. I heard on Monday Night Football talks of letting him sit in 2021, and having him come back in 2022. That is clearly an overreaction. Every time you tear an ACL it’s common that you have associated injuries. When Tom Brady tore his ACL, he tore his ACL AND MCL, AND his knee got infected, and still he was ready for Week 1. Admittingly, it was a Week 1 early season injury, but let’s take another example with Carson Palmer. He tore his ACL and MCL, and even dislocated his kneecap. That was in a Wild Card Playoff Game I think in 2006. He returned in Week 1, and played in 16 games the next season, and had a 93.3 quarterback rating – top 6 in the NFL. He had 28 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, and that was coming off his ACL/MCL. I have optimism. A lot of people compared it to Carson Wentz who had an ACL, and ‘LCL’, which is a totally different story, because you’re literally doing surgery on two ligaments, where in an ACL/MCL, even if there’s a small PCL component, you’re really only re-constructing the ACL, and letting the MCL and PCL heal on its own. That is why I remain optimistic that Joe Burrow could be the starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals Week 1 of 2021… I don’t see the doom and gloom of ‘oh, my gosh, we won't see him until 2022!’ This is NOT Teddy Bridgewater.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doctor David Chao, a former team physician for the San Diego Chargers for 17 seasons, join Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis to predict when he thinks Joe Burrow will be able to safely return to the field again, as Dr. Chao says he vehemently rejects talks of Burrow possibly missing 2020 AND 2021 because of the torn ACL and MCL that he suffered against Washington in Week 11.

Check out the video above as Dr. Chao details why he fully expects Burrow to be ready for Week 1 of 2021, and why his injury shouldn't be compared to the more serious season-ending injuries with Carson Wentz, and Teddy Bridgewater.

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