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The Real Reason Lamar Jackson Removed Himself From Monday Night Football

Rich Eisen: “Joe, you played 10,363 snaps in a row so you didn’t come out... with all that said you’ve been around the game quite a bit – what is your assessment of Lamar Jackson’s fourth-quarter disappearance last night? IV or something else??”

Joe Thomas: “I gotta say something else. I’ve been on the sideline many times when guys were cramping and when guys were getting dehydrated, and the trainer just pulls up with a doctor, sticks an IV needle in your arm, squeezes a bag into you, and then you’re good to go… There’s only one thing I can think of that will take you to the locker room for about a 5-7 minute stretch depending on the literature that he has to read in there.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to former NFL All-Pro offensive lineman Joe Thomas give his theory on why Lamar Jackson temporarily removed himself from Monday night’s thriller against the Cleveland Browns before miraculously returning back to the field alla Willis Reed for an unforgettable fourth-down conversion, and later converting a game-winning drive in the dying moments to clinch Baltimore’s victory.

Jackson was nowhere to be seen at the start of the fourth quarter, with Ravens backup Trace McSorely going three and out with a drive that started with 13:36 left.

Some of the ESPN announcers thought Jackson’s absence could have been due to his body still making its way back from COVID-19, however, Jackson returned at the 1:51 mark after McSorley blew out his knee, and with the offense faced with a game-deciding fourth-down play.

Jackson would roll out and find a streaking Hollywood Brown down the field for a 44-yard touchdown play in perhaps the most exciting play of the season.

Jackson would say after the game that he was dealing with cramps, and stadium cameras show him waddling full speed back to the locker room by himself.

Check out the segment above as well as Twitter’s best and most hilarious explanations below.

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