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The NFL Team that Could Save Deshaun Watson's Career in a Trade With Texans

Colin Cowherd: “Lemme throw a team out there that is actually perfect for Deshaun Watson. NEW ENGLAND. So they already experimented with a mobile quarterback for a year and did the Cam thing. Deshaun is obviously way better than Cam. Secondly, Belichick is like 67, do you really wanna go with a college quarterback from the Mountain West Conference?? Who could make up for New England’s lack of dynamic players? DESHAUN WATSON. If Cam was more of a playmaker as he was five years ago that would have masked more of their flaws... Everyone is talking about Belichick getting Mac Jones, who is a pocket quarterback, but you have to have a playmaker in New England at quarterback because you have no playmakers on the perimeters. You might think I’m crazy on this but Houston just hired a New England guy – Nick Caserio. He would probably be willing to move JJ Watt too. What New England needs is a dynamic edge rusher, JJ Watt, and a dynamic quarterback. This sounds crazy, but what would New England give up to get JJ Watt and Deshaun Watson? The whole organization in Houston is former Patriots, they have relationships. New England needs dynamic players, and Houston has dynamic players but needs massive picks, and their new coach is going to want to start over. I literally just created the Deshaun Watson trade.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd and Joy Taylor discuss the recent reports of disgruntled Deshaun Watson pondering a way to get out of Houston, as Colin has a perfect trade partner for the Texans that he thinks would revive Watson’s downtrodden career fresh off a 12-loss season.

Check out the segment above as Colin details which team he thinks could swoop in this offseason and create the perfect backdrop for Watson.

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