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Colin Cowherd on Tom Brady: 'He's Got the Most Underrated Arm in the NFL'

Colin Cowherd: “You always hear this about Brady – “WELL, HE’S A BAD ATHLETE!’ Did you play high school sports? Did you ever know someone in your high school that got drafted by a Major League Baseball team and ended up at Michigan to play quarterback? Does THAT sound like a bad athlete??… He’s 6’4, 1/2", 225 and he’s NEVER hurt. Aaron Rodgers never got drafted by a baseball team and had to go to a junior college because Michigan wasn’t even interested, AND gets hurt a lot. Are we sure one’s a good athlete and one’s a bad athlete?? Aaron is a more mobile runner, but Brady is almost 6’5”. Josh Allen is rare, and most big guys don’t run particularly well… I said that Tom sometimes in the red zone throws the ball with too much velocity, but I think he’s got the most underrated arm in the league. In Week 20 at Lambeau, he is throwing GAS to these players and they can’t catch it. Tyler Johnson has great hands and that ball was too fast. Brady has a GREAT arm, and not just for 43. He’s got one of the best ‘cold weather’ arms because of his torque. That pass to Tyler Johnson was a 35-yard ROPE. This idea that he’s not a great athlete? He is NOT Philip Rivers.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Tom Brady has the ‘most underrated arm in the league’, a day after Brady’s Bucs beat Aaron Rodgers in the NFC Championship, and in a game where Brady was throwing some of the fastest deep balls we’ve seen him throw in years.

Check out the video above as Colin details why we need to drop this narrative of Brady not only having a weaker arm at 43, as Colin says Brady still has a ‘GREAT’ arm for any age, but we need to stop acting like the former MLB draft pick is a ‘bad’ athlete at 6’4 ½” and 220+ pounds.

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