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NFL Media Needs to Stop Kissing the A** of 'Quitter' Deshaun Watson

The NFL Media Needs to Stop Kissing Deshaun Watson's A**
Jonas Knox: “Everything I’ve heard is that Deshaun Watson is ‘doing the right thing’, that this situation is toxic, and he’s gotta get out of there. Instead of sitting here and hearing from their general manager, head coach, former players of the Houston Texans, or fans in the media who think they know what they’re talking about, let’s listen to a very 'distraught' Deshaun Watson talk about disrespected in Houston:

Deshaun Watson on September 5th, 2020 after signing a four-year, $160 million extension:

‘The money is amazing, it’s life-changing, it’s great, but the biggest thing is the McNair family, OB [Bill O’Brien], Jack [Easterling], to just trust in me and believe in me that I’m their guy and I’m their quarterback is the biggest thing that really touches me. Growing up from where I’m from there’s not too many people who make it out, so for them to trust me is what means the most.’

Knox: “We just heard Deshaun Watson on how grateful he was to the Texans organization, and how committed he was… This was AFTER they traded DeAndre Hopkins. Deshaun Watson couldn’t wait to sign that contract extension… You can find a lot more dysfunctional organizations than the Houston Texans. They’ve won the division four of the last six years. That’s REALLY tough to do in the NFL… When you say the Texans are ‘dysfunctional’, what do you mean?? There’s a race going on here. You can see everyone running as fast as they can, and it’s a race to see who can kiss Deshaun Watson’s a** the most in the media. I will gladly finish last. It’s pure and total GARBAGE, and Deshaun Watson is getting a free pass. He’s a great player and phenomenal talent, but let’s call it what it is. The guy is QUITTING on his team, and tapping out. Why, because you had ONE bad year?? How many times was Tom Brady asked whether THIS offensive coordinator was the right guy for the job, and that we're going to make THIS move on defense? It’s not his say. If the organization was so bad and it was run so poorly why did you sign the contract four months ago?? He’s quitting on his team. He got paid, they had a bad year, and now he’s tapping out, and nobody wants to say it… I’m willing to bet that there are a few players in that Texans’ locker room that they do not feel the same as Deshaun Watson, they think Deshaun is tapping out on the team, and they're pissed off about.” (Full audio above)

Listen to Jonas Knox explain why he thinks the NFL media needs to stop ‘kissing the a**’ of Deshaun Watson, as Knox says this sob story of Watson being victimized by this wholly incompetent Houston Texan franchise is utter nonsense.

Check out the audio above as Knox discusses Watson’s emotional press conference back in September in which, a tearful Watson thanked the entire organization for believing in him, and says those aren’t the words of someone who was completely miserable and disillusioned with a franchise who had already won 4 division titles in the previous six years.

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