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Clay Travis Rips Media For Condemning Tom Brady & Donald Trump's Friendship

Clay Travis: “Stupid stories seem to trend on a regular basis. Tom Brady’s friendship with Donald Trump became ‘huge controversy’ yesterday on Twitter. I don’t understand how this is remotely possible, and now all the talking heads out there are debating whether or not Tom Brady’s friendship with Donald Trump should be a major issue going forward. Since when did who you were friends with dictate whether you should be judged by whatever opinions they may have? This is all insanity, and people are trying to slice and dice identities to such an extent where you’re only allowed to have friendships with people who are exactly like you. It seems awfully boring to me… This idea that you’re not allowed to be friends with a Democrat if you’re a Republican, or friends with a Republican if you’re a Democrat is pure insanity. This is where social media is driving us. Some people are trying to say ‘TOM BRADY GOT TO KEEP HIS JOB EVEN THOUGH HE’S FRIENDS WITH DONALD TRUMP, AND COLIN KAEPERNICK IS NOT EMPLOYED BECAUSE HE TOOK A KNEE.’ Well, yeah, Tom Brady is the best quarterback in the history of the game. If Tom Brady took a knee before this Super Bowl to protest Donald Trump losing the 2020 Election, people who have been defending Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the Anthem for years would immediately demand that Tom Brady no longer be allowed to be a quarterback in the NFL… This is ‘Cancel Culture’ moving into who you can be friends with, and who you cannot be friends with and I think it is fundamentally broken. I think it is a failure of epic magnitude, and I just think it’s shameful that stories like these are allowed to turn into massive ‘controversies.’” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Clay Travis discuss a story that began to proliferate on social media after the Buccaneers won the NFC Championship, with some wondering if Tom Brady’s past friendship with Donald Trump should be a relevant storyline leading up to the Super Bowl.

Check out the video above as Clay calls the controversy ‘shameful’, and says it’s insanity that ‘Cancel Culture’ is now moving towards deciding who you can and cannot be friends with depending on their political party.

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