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Colin Cowherd Tries to Talk Aaron Rodgers Out of Leaving Green Bay

Colin Cowherd: “Twelve quarterbacks have lost so far in the playoffs and ONE has turned it into a soap opera… What other situation would be better for Aaron Rodgers? Does everybody else have a Davante Adams? Does everybody else develop offensive lines like the Packers do? Does everybody else have Lambeau Field? Does everybody else play in that crappy division? Go to New England, have you seen their skill people? Go to San Francisco, George Kittle is rarely healthy, and Kyle Shanahan will not let you run over him. Go to the Colts, they don’t have a number one wide receiver. So because Aaron had a pitty-patty you’re going to blow this whole thing up? Aaron needs certain things. He doesn’t take criticism well, he’s a little bit of a blamer when things go wrong – you saw it again this weekend. He doesn’t like to get hit, and he won’t throw to a wide receiver until he trusts them. Matt Stafford is a divorce waiting to happen but who wins with this? Is Green Bay better without him? NO. Is Aaron better without Green Bay? NO. Go ahead, Aaron, go to the AFC. Wouldn’t you rather face Brady than Mahomes? Go to Boston and see how that media treats you. They eat their young in Boston. Go to the NFC West and face Pete Carroll and Sean McVay four times a year. Aaron, everything you need you get. You don’t love criticism; in Green Bay it’s the smallest market, it’s the easiest media, and it’s 24/7 softball questions. You like protection and you don’t like to get hit much – who develops offensive lines in the NFL better than Green Bay? They had three Pro Bowlers on the offensive line this year. You like things you can control and Green Bay is the only franchise without an owner… Everything you want, you are granted. Power, a young coach you have a say in, and offensive line help… You got Lambeau, great fans, a good offensive line, bad division, Davante Adams, no owner, a 26-6 young coach, and a soft media, c’mon man, where is it going to be better?? You’re good for Green Bay, and Green Bay is good for you.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Aaron Rodgers should spend the rest of his career in Green Bay, as Colin describes all the reasons the Packers are actually the perfect match for Rodgers.

Rodgers made strange allusions to an uncertain future after their NFC Championship Game loss to the Bucs, and some have speculated that he could even force a trade from Green Bay in the same route Deshaun Watson and Matthew Stafford have taken.

Check out the video above as Colin tries to talk Aaron into remaining a Packer, and why the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else.

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