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Rob Parker: 'Luckiest QB of All Time' Tom Brady is the NFL's Robert Horry

Chris Broussard: “No more abandoned trips to Mexico, and no more going back to 2012 when you famously said that Tom Brady was DONE winning getting to the Super Bowls, –– it’s ALL gone, I’m ERASING it –– if you will just admit and finally concede as the last person on planet Earth to deny that Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. Rob Parker, I’m giving you the chance to admit that Tom Brady is the GOAT!”

Rob Parker: “I have one response for you: NO WAY, NO HOW! Last night’s Super Bowl did not change this man’s opinion, and if you came here thinking I was going to be like all of these other weak analysts groveling saying ‘I wAs wRoNg tAlKiNg aBoUt tOm bRaDy!’, NO, ROB PARKER WASN’T WRONG. Just because you win a lot of championships doesn’t mean you’re the greatest player of all time. There’s a context to you. Let’s just be honest. He played ‘fine’, three touchdowns and 201 yards, BUT THE DAMN DEFENSE WON THE SUPER BOWL, YOU CANNOT DENY IT. That defense held Patrick Mahomes to no touchdowns for the first time in his college and pro career! We can’t overlook that and think this is all about Tom Brady. If Brad Johnson was on this team, the talk would be about the DEFENSE! There is a narrative that somehow we have continued to push, that because he’s won the most championships that he is the best automatically. If that was the case, then Bill Russell would be the greatest basketball player ever, and there would be no conversation… Joe Montana was more dominant in his reign of 4-0 in the Super Bowl -- 11 touchdowns, no picks, three MVPs, and two championships with Jerry Rice and two without. When I look at Tom Brady I think about a nine-year gap in winning championships, and how Tom Brady had an unbelievable 18-0 Patriots team that LOST the big game and only managed 14 points after averaging 35. When I look at Tom Brady, who won two Super Bowls with a grand total of ONE touchdown there is no way I am going to count those and act like Tom Brady is the engineer… It was their defense and a lot of the times it was their kicking game… To me, with winning 7 championships in 10 tries, Tom Brady has officially become the Robert Horry of the NFL, and Robert Horry has had more clutch moments than Tom Brady!... ROB PARKER WILL STAND UP. ROB PARKER WILL NOT BEND OVER. ROB PARKER WILL NOT BOW DOWN. ROB PARKER WILL NOT CHANGE HIS STANCE. TOM BRADY CONTINUES TO BE THE LUCKIEST QUARTERBACK OF ALL TIME [the LOAT]. He is NOT the greatest quarterback of all time. He’s the most accomplished, but he ain’t the greatest.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he believes Tom Brady is the NFL's equivalent of 'Robert Horry', as Rob believes Brady will go down as the most 'accomplished' quarterback ever, but not the 'greatest.'

Horry was a 7-time NBA Finals Champion with the Rockets, Lakers, and Spurs, and made a handful of some of the most clutch shots in NBA postseason history, but never made an All-Star team, and averaged just 7.0 points per game in 17 NBA seasons.

Check out another epic Brady rant from Parker above, as Rob is still rolling with his 'Brady is the Luckiest Quarterback of All Time [The LOAT], take despite Brady coming off his seventh, and perhaps most impressive Super Bowl title at age 43 with the Buccaneers

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