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Report: Jared Goff Lacked 'Work Ethic, Football IQ, Mobility, & Leadership'

Doug Gottlieb: “What you heard from teammates when John Wolford was the starting quarterback was ‘WE LOVE THIS GUY’, and you didn’t hear that when Jared Goff was the starting quarterback. Wolford out-worked him, out-prepared him, out-competed him, and Goff wasn’t accountable. Privately, which I’m told from various people in that building, he never said ‘hey guys, that loss was on me’, because that’s what ‘LEADERSHIP’ is. He didn’t take cues from McVay in the work ethic, and didn’t take cues from McVay in terms of the accountability. Then he was too tentative… Here you have a coach that prides himself on his play designs and his ability to create explosive plays, and he just wouldn’t let it go. He played ‘not to lose’ instead of just to win. There was a lack of complete and total buy-in in terms of work, there was a lack of desire to take chances, and a lack of accountability... They knew what kind of worker Stafford was, and they knew what kind of worker Goff WASN’T.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss Jared Goff’s somewhat shocking exit from Los Angeles just two years after Goff played against Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, as Gottlieb has some personal insight he’s heard around the league about why the Rams ultimately gave up on their former first overall pick.

Goff went 42-27 as a starter in LA, including 42-20 with Sean McVay, went to two Pro Bowls in five seasons, and had a career 91.5 passer rating, yet was dealt for a player in Matthew Stafford with a 74-89 career record, 89.9 career passer rating, one Pro Bowl, and zero playoff wins.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb reports what ultimately got Goff run out of town.

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