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Why Matthew Stafford's Skin Color Saved His NFL Career

Chris Broussard: “Today, Rob, you wrote a column titled ‘If Matt Stafford Were a Black Quarterback He Would Have Been Out of a Job Long Ago.’ Explain the column.”

Rob Parker: “I didn’t mean he wouldn’t be in the league, I’m saying he wouldn’t be a starter. He would be like Jameis Winston… Devin Gardner, the former Michigan quarterback who works for Fox Sports Detroit, compared those two guys.

Matthew Stafford after his first five FULL seasons: 21,179 passing yards, 125 touchdowns, 84 interceptions, 34 wins.

Jameis Winston after his first five FULL seasons: 19,737 passing yards, 121 touchdowns, 88 interceptions, 32 wins.

[continued] "What happened between the two of those?? Stafford got renewed and signed again – big money, and Winston was sent packing. The numbers are almost identical. The column is more about ‘Would Stafford have been given the same opportunity if he were a Black quarterback?' That after his first five years -- no playoff wins, only 35 wins, 84 interceptions -- if those stats were for a BLACK quarterback would it be tolerated and allowed to continue? Peyton Manning had 100 interceptions his first five years, 12 more than Jameis Winston… My point is that I don’t think it’s the same leash for the quarterbacks… Now Matthew Stafford is viewed as the ‘savior’ despite what I just told you. If you can find me a Black quarterback who played with the same team for 12 years, didn’t win a playoff game, made that kind of money, stuck around, and nobody thought that was wrong or he wasn’t capable, I’d love to hear who that is because I can’t find it.” (Full Audio Above, Video Version Below)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks Matthew Stafford would be a backup quarterback in the NFL right now if he were Black, as Rob compares the careers of Stafford and Jameis Winston and is skeptical as to why their trajectories went such opposite directions early in their careers when both players had almost identical numbers through their first five full seasons.

Check out the video above as Parker details why he thinks Black quarterbacks receive a much shorter leash than their White counterparts, and why he doesn’t think the Lions would have kept Stafford through his second contract if he were Black.

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