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Deshaun Watson Will Reportedly Sit Out Entire 2021 Season if Not Traded

Doug Gottlieb: “Where do you think the Texans really stand with Deshaun Watson?”

Chris Simms: “I had gotten some good information over the weekend by somebody I really trust that is connected to the situation. There’s no way Deshaun Watson will play for the Houston Texans again. He will not do that, and he is willing to sit out the year from what I’ve been told in this situation. The Texans can do and say whatever they want, but with Watson and the type of player that he is, most people know this is not a ‘selfish’ guy, and not a ‘ME, ME, ME’ guy. There is something truly he is disappointed with. Let alone with the no-trade clause, the money, and the power he has that way, ultimately they’re going to have to move him. This is probably going to be the most expensive trade ever, but I don’t see it happening with the Houston Texans, I really don’t. Just from what I’m hearing and what I’ve been told.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to NBC Sports NFL analyst Chris Simms join The Doug Gottlieb Show to discuss Deshaun Watson’s ongoing standoff with the Houston Texans, as Simms has intel on the saga reporting that the two parties have irreconcilable differences and that Watson is fully preparing to sit out the 2021 season if not traded.

Check out the full segment above from Tuesday’s interview.

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