Former NBA All-Star Says You Can't Win With James Harden

Bryant McFadden: “Should Danny Ainge have traded for James Harden? I heard the Rockets wanted Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown for James Harden. If there is any truth to that do you think he should have made that trade?”

Antoine Walker: “I don’t think he should have made the trade. I like where they’re at with their two young stars – actually three – I put Marcus Smart… in there too…”

McFadden: “Wait, you’re saying he shouldn’t have made the trade??”

Walker: “No, I’m not a James Harden guy. You can’t win with that style. He’s in a very unique situation now with Durant and Kyrie, but I don’t think you can win with this style. Any time it takes a guy 6, 7, 8 dribbles to get where he has to go, that’s a problem. It works in this day of games because the floor is much bigger and it’s more of a pick-and-roll league, so he gets away with a lot of things now, but I would not leverage – not the Celtics or any other team – I would not leverage my future for James Harden, period.” (Full Segment Above)

Former NBA All-Star Antonie Walker said on the ‘All Things Covered’ podcast that he was glad his former team, the Boston Celtics, didn’t trade for James Harden, saying that you ‘can’t win’ with the three-time reigning scoring champion.

Check out the segment above with current and former NFL cornerbacks Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden.

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