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Bucky Brooks: 49ers Didn't Move Up to #3 to Draft 'Pedestrian' Mac Jones

Bucky Brooks: “The 49ers are comfortable with any of the three quarterbacks after Trevor Lawrence [Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, Trey Lance], and now they’re just trying to sort out which one they really believe is the talent that can take their offense to the next level. This is what Shanahan wants, he doesn’t want to be the ‘same’ and he doesn’t want to be mediocre. He wants ‘next-level’, otherwise you don’t make that move. The player that they select has to be somebody that he believes is 'next-level.' Remember, he tried to move off a little bit of Jimmy Garoppolo when he talked up CJ Bethard and Nick Mullens. I would say that those guys, in terms of how they play, are more in line with Mac Jones… I can’t believe that they’re trying to get a pedestrian quarterback to be their quarterback when they’re trying to take this offense to the next level.”

Listen to NFL Network’s Bucky Brooks explain why he doesn’t buy into the 49ers drafting Alabama quarterback Mac Jones with the no. 3 overall pick, as Brooks believes San Francisco wouldn’t have traded up to three to take a ‘pedestrian’ Jones.

Check out the segment above as Bucky details why Jones has more in common with Jimmy Garoppolo, CJ Bethard, and Nick Mullens, and guys who he thinks head coach Kyle Shanahan is trying to distance himself from a Super Bowl collapse in 2019, and a miserable season in 2020.

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