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Why the Ravens Should Draft Justin Fields to Replace Lamar Jackson

Bucky Brooks: “When the Ravens started Lamar Jackson at quarterback, John Harbaugh actually set the table for this. He said we are the ‘army’ of the National Football League, meaning we run the football, we play option football, and this is something that is ‘systematic’, which gives us the advantage over other NFL opponents. If they’re talking about being the ‘army’ of the National Football League, that means that he [Harbaugh] is taking a collegiate approach to how they do it. It is factual that when you have a quarterback on a rookie deal you have a better chance to build a Super Bowl champion. Lamar Jackson is about to have his fifth-year option picked up, and about to be a quarterback who might command $40 million. It is really hard to build a team with a quarterback who commands so much money, so why not this year – they traded Orlando Brown to get two first-round picks – if Justin Fields happens to slide they can be in range to grab Justin Fields, continue to have Lamar Jackson play on his fifth-year option, and then rather than pay him $40 million+ per year, they could now have a redshirt freshman who is ready to pick up the deal. You can keep all of the assets and the pieces in place and continue to do what you do because doing what you've done you're 31-7 since you made the wholesale investment in this option approach. Maybe, just maybe, the team can sustain its success by having a rookie quarterback continue to take it over.”

Listen to former NFL player and studio analyst Bucky Brooks explain why he thinks the Baltimore Ravens should draft Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields in the first round of Thursday’s 2021 NFL Draft, as Bucky believes Fields could eventually supplant former MVP, Lamar Jackson.

The Ravens have the 27th pick in the Draft and recently acquired the 31st pick from the Chiefs in their trade of left tackle Orlando Brown. Brooks believes Baltimore could package these picks to move up for Fields if he falls out of the top 10.

Check out the segment above as Brooks details why he thinks the Ravens have an elite enough system for Fields to pick up the slack left behind by Jackson, who could become a free agent after this season, and have Fields potentially save them $40 million per year in the process.

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