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Conor McGregor Lookalike Who Sold Drugs Claiming to Be McGregor is Jailed

Conor McGregor Lookalike Who Sold Drugs Claiming to Be McGregor is Jailed

A 34-year British man who strangely looks just like Conor McGregor was sentenced to nearly three years in jail for selling drugs under the false pretense that he was the UFC legend himself.

Mark Nye literally told police that his name was ‘Conor’ when he was stopped by authorities after they had spotted the McGregor lookalike trying to dispose of drugs and mobile phones.

While searching the man’s car they found hundreds of business cards titled ‘McGregor Enterprise’, as the man had an uncanny appearance similar to McGregor’s with the same complexion, beard and hairstyles, and signature facial features.

Police searched Nye’s house and found large amounts of boric acid, a chemical popularly known in illegal drug circles as an agent to cut narcotics with.

Hundreds of text messages were reportedly obtained as well, that connected Nye’s involvement with the mass-suppling of Class A drugs.

The real Conor McGregor is 32, and born in Dublin, Ireland.

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