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The Real Real Why Aaron Rodgers' Relationship With Green Bay Deteriorated

The Real Real Why Aaron Rodgers' Relationship With Green Bay Deteriorated
Jay Glazer: “For Aaron Rodgers, this has been going on for a while. This did not just happen today. There has been a contentious relationship that really began last year when the Packers too Love and did not tell Aaron Rodgers, and then claimed that they told Aaron Rodgers. They STILL claim that they told him. They did not tell him beforehand, whereas a team like the Buccaneers have gone to Tom Brady this year and said ‘hey, in case we go quarterback, would you teach him?’ That’s really how you’re supposed to do it. So it started there, and then it trickled down and got worse and worse and worse, and then this offseason where they decided to kind of basically put him on a series of one-year deals because that’s what they do with his contract. Then it just got worse. It got to the point where Aaron made it very clear that he wanted out. Other teams were so afraid to jump in there because of tampering and whatnot, and nobody really thought it was real. I first got word three weeks ago that ‘hey, we really think this might be real’, and I think even Aaron’s people said ‘OK, it’s Aaron, but he’s going to calm down.’ Not only has it not calmed down, but he’s also escalated and doubled down. He has dug his heels in, and maybe he feels he can go do TV and Jeopardy. For anybody who says they have an ‘in’ on what they’re gonna do with Jeopardy, they’re full of crap. There’s no Jeopardy ‘insider’ here. He has more options than a normal player could if he decides to, but I can tell you he’s not going to San Francisco because they’re not going to trade in the conference. Is Denver trying or a team like the Raiders? Yeah, they’re going to jump in – they’d be crazy not to… I don’t know if it gets better… You can say ‘I’m not going to play for you’ and say you’re not showing up, but they might say ‘hey, we’ve been through this before with Favre.’ A lot of players say they’re never going to play for you again, it happens a lot, and most of the time it works itself out… Just to be clear, they did not tell Aaron that they were trading up for Jordan Love. They also didn’t tell the head coach. Matt LaFleur didn’t know either. That’s the front office… And not only that, but to then not call the guy for a while after the pick…it’s Aaron Rodgers. Aaron isn’t the easiest guy in the world either, Aaron is difficult too, you can know what kind of dude you’re dealing with so let’s let him in on what’s going on here. What GMs are supposed to do is let your head coaches in and make it all-inclusive.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer explain where exactly the beef began with Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers organization, as bombshell breaking news erupted Thursday morning regarding Rodgers reportedly making it clear that he wanted out.

This was just moments after it was reported that the Packers had offered up Rodgers in a trade proposal with the 49ers that would have centered around the no. 3 pick going back to Green Bay.

This was Glazer’s initial reporting on the rumors:

"There have been rumblings for a while...certainly longer than this month. This is more than just a contract deal. As one team told me today, he's done there. Out. It doesn't mean the Packers couldn't acquiesce. You look at these teams who are in this, San Francisco...Denver...the Raiders. The first teams I heard of were Denver and the Raiders, back in the first week of April. People started hearing about it more behind the scenes but in the end, it's the Packers and what they decide to do. I just talked to the Vikings GM Rick Spielman, and he said 'what do I need to send any team to get him out of there??' I don't remember when anybody else has had leverage like this. To be able to say 'I'm done' and go host Jeopardy. Aaron has something huge outside of football."

Check out the FULL segment above.

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