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Darren Rovell Details Insane Cost of Changing to Single-Digit Jersey Number

Listen to sports business reporter Darren Rovell join The Dan Patrick Show to break down the NFL’s new relaxed rules concerning the usage of single-digit jersey numbers, and explain some of the fine print that most fans, and even players, haven’t look into regarding the actual rules.

Although at first glance the idea was nearly unanimously applauded (besides Tom Brady), as some of the best players in the NFL sounded off in admiration for the possibility of wearing their old numbers from college. They soon found out that they were going to have to pay a lofty price for ‘inventory fees’ if they wanted to change their number, and essentially ‘buy out’ all their existing jerseys of their old number on hold to be sold.

Check out the segment above as The Action Network analyst explains why changing numbers won’t be as simple as it seems, and certainly won’t be FREE either.

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