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Colin Cowherd Picks Which QBs He'd Take Over Aaron Rodgers the Next Decade

Watch Colin Cowherd play a game of ‘Aaron or AAR-OUT’ as Colin picks whether he would rather have Aaron Rodgers over the next 10 years, or another NFL quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers or BAKER MAYFIELD?

“Aaron has 11 winning seasons, Baker Mayfield has one, and the Browns have not offered him a contract extension yet. I would take Aaron Rodgers and I think that’s fairly obvious.”

Aaron Rodgers or JUSTIN HERBERT?

“Justin Herbert is younger, bigger, stronger, and has never been injured, so for ten years, I would take Justin Herbert. Think about all the rookie records he broke last year. ALL of them with the lowest-rated offensive line in football. Aaron has always had above-average protection, so to break those records? And it took Aaron three years to get into a starting role. So Herbert I think is one of the most shocking generational talents that we’ve seen in football in ages.”

Aaron Rodgers or PATRICK MAHOMES?

“Again, this is not a tough one. I get someone who has the arm, is at least just as athletic, and I think Mahomes’ personality is built for a less chaotic relationship. I would take Patrick Mahomes, and I don’t think that’s a tough one.”

Aaron Rodgers or LAMAR JACKSON?

“Tougher but it’s Aaron and I’ll tell you why. Last year we did see a decline in passing numbers for Lamar Jackson. Does that mean the league has caught up with him? Not necessarily, maybe if you ask me this question in a year it changes, but I want to see and am a little concerned. The league has now seen Lamar and there are ways to play him.”

Check out the FULL video above as Colin chooses between Rodgers for the next decade or quarterbacks the likes of Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields, and Tom Brady.

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