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It's Time to Stop Making Excuses For Steph Curry's Poor Play Late in Games

It's Time to Stop Making Excuses For Steph Curry's Poor Play Late in Games

Jason Smith: “I’m sorry that you didn’t see the last minute of the game. LeBron made the big three because he makes big shots like that. He can get his own shot because he’s big. Now it was Steph Curry’s turn, and what happened? He got blocked, he got the ball back, and he couldn’t get his own shot to get a three-pointer in the final seconds because the Lakers shut him down. He had to pass to Jordan Poole who missed a shot. The Lakers missed their shot and then Steph had another chance, and Steph couldn’t get free to get the inbounds pass, and the Lakers wind up winning 103-100. You can’t sit here and tell, me ‘WELL, STEPH HAD THREE GUYS ON HIM!’ And LeBron doesn’t have three guys on him?? Steph sees the coverage at half-court because you gotta guard him there, he doesn’t pass the three-point line! That’s why three guys are on Steph at half-court because he plays from half-court to the arc. That’s the only place he plays, and that’s why guys are on him there. Steph is too small and he doesn’t affect the game inside of the three-point line nearly enough. This is why at the end of games it’s hard for the Warriors because they can’t close. Tell me the last time Steph Curry closed out a big game?? Do people really say of LeBron ‘well, he had too many guys on him so he couldn’t make that play!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why it’s time the NBA media and basketball fans alike stop excusing Steph Curry for underwhelming late-game performances, as Jason says that Steph’s small build is just too much for him to overcome when it actually comes to being a difference-maker late in games.

Check out the audio above as Jason continues his anti-Curry barrage.

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