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Steph Curry is Simply a 'System Quarterback' Who Doesn't Elevate Teammates

Steph Curry is Simply a 'System Quarterback' Who Doesn't Elevate Teammates
Jason Smith: “Steph Curry has been on some kind of tear the past few weeks and he’s had a great season filling it up, but let’s have the REAL Steph Curry conversation. Steph Curry, as terrific as he is, is a ‘System Quarterback.’ He is succeeding in the system that Steve Kerr brought to the Warriors because there is a reason why he went from 23 points a game to 30 points a game when Steve Kerr showed up… If you want to continue with this Steph Curry ‘ALL-TIME GREAT’ stuff, TIMEOUT for a second. Steph Curry, if you want to say what he is, is the best volume three-point shooter I have ever seen. If you want to say he’s the best ‘shooter’ you’ve ever seen that’s okay too. THAT’S Steph Curry, and kind of who Steph Curry has ALWAYS been. He hasn’t gotten to the hoop enough like other players do who are considered the all-time greats… I’ve told you for a long time, HE’S A SYSTEM QUARTERBACK, and this year he has been able to take this to the extreme. Steph Curry is Damian Lillard. Do we talk about Damian Lillard as being an all-time great? They are the only two big-time scorers where over HALF of their shots are three’s. He’s had players around him and he’s had Steve Kerr bring that system in. This doesn’t diminish what he’s been able to accomplish, but the lofty standards that we put up for Steph Curry, you kind of have to step back and go ‘OK, what’s he REALLY doing??’ If he’s an ‘all-time great’, then why aren’t the Warriors better than .500?? Why were they terrible last year until he got hurt? Steph Curry is not a guy who can elevate his team… We’ve seen great players LIFT their teams, but we’ve found out about Steph Curry over the past year and a half, that Steph is a terrific player, but he really needs guys around him if that team is going to succeed. This was supposed to be ‘HIS’ year and you’re just barely at .500 and lucky if you make the play-in games for the playoffs. All-time greats don’t sit here and have their team under .500 when they’re still in their prime… He has a great reputation, he’s a fun superstar, and everybody loves him, but because he has this great reputation we kind of inflate how great he is. A lot of guys can score points, but if you can’t get your team to the playoffs this is the year where you go ‘well, maybe Steph did need ALL that help around him.’ (Full Audio Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Steph Curry is a ‘system quarterback’ who has had his standing as one of the great players in league history greatly inflated.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why the Warriors season, which has seen Curry post his career-high in points per game but with just a .500 record on the court, has exposed Curry as simply a ‘volume three-point shooter’ who needs a lot of help around him to win championships.

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