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Warriors' Late Loss to Lakers Proved that Steph Curry is No MVP

Jason Smith: “This is what happens with Steph Curry at the end of games. It’s hard to go to him at the end of games because they take the three away. They took the three away from him three times at the end and the Warriors weren’t able to get shots off…The Lakers closed up on him. That’s the thing about Steph Curry. At the end of games you can’t count on him to say ‘Steph go down and get a basket for us’. That’s the difference between Steph and LeBron. LeBron can find a way to get a bucket no matter where he’s at because he’s big and strong enough and he can get there. Steph is great from 30 and 35 feet because that’s where he’s gotta shoot from, and here you are at the end of the game where Steph can’t even get that because you can put two guys on him. Steph can’t get into the lane and get his own shot, he’s limited because of his size and his impact is limited because of it. They went out and got Kevin Durant because they needed somebody that could make shots at the end of games. As good as Steph Curry is, when it’s down to winning time in that final minute, he can’t always get that shot… That’s why the Steph Curry MVP talk hits a snag. He can’t get his own shot in the final minutes, and that’s a really big deal. When you’re the MVP, you should be able to get your own shot. If you told me that Steph Curry is the MVP I would show you the final 40 seconds of this game… He can’t get his own shot, he has to rely on misdirection and players running up and down the court in transition, and being able to free himself to get a shot.” (Full Audio Segment Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why Golden State’s narrow loss to the Lakers on Wednesday night in the NBA’s play-in series was another shining example of why Jason doesn’t think Steph should ever be included in any talks for MVP.

Earlier this month Smith has some animated rants on why Curry is not an all-time great player and not a guy who can carry a team.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why Steph is simply too little to be a factor late in games when the defense ramps up its intensity and takes space away.

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