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Ric Bucher: Steph Curry is Not an All-Time Great Player

Ric Bucher: Steph Curry is Not an All-Time Great Player
Ric Bucher: “This is why Steph Curry wasn’t on my MVP ballot as great of a year as he’s had. The five guys that were on it, they all have a huge physical advantages that Steph does not have. In talking about awards or just general greatness, people who want to make Steph Curry one of the greatest players of all time are grading on a curve because of the degree of difficulty he faces because of his size. He’s 6’3”, 185 pounds, and everyone else he’s competing against for these awards are genetic freaks. They’re all bigger, stronger, longer, and faster than he is. It’s not his fault, but do I give him extra credit because he’s doing what he’s doing at 6’3”, 185? Well, then I don’t know if that’s fair to the guys who are 6’9” and don’t have to shoot from 40 feet because they can step right up to the 3-point line and not worry about their shot getting blocked, or they can operate in the mid-range.” (Full Audio Segment)

Listen to Ric Bucher join The Jason Smith Show to explain why last night’s Warriors loss against the Lakers was an indictment on Steph Curry’s MVP candidacy, as Bucher reveals that he didn’t even have Curry in the top 5 of his NBA MVP ballot.

Check out the audio above as Bucher has his doubts about Steph really being one of the game’s best players, saying his size effectively prevents that, and adding that the degree of difficulty Steph's shot-making abilities doesn't necessarily make him better than physical specimens who are able to score more easily.

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