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Rob Parker Rips Steph Curry For Once Again 'Disintegrating' Late in a Game

Rob Parker: “Steph had six turnovers, which is just brutal, and he had a chance to put them ahead when it was tied at 100. He dribbled the ball off his leg. Steph Curry is supposedly this ‘transcendent’ player and Alex Caruso is just some guy they found off the street… THIS was Steph Curry to me. His team fought so much just to stay in the game but in the last three minutes – he turns the ball over at the 2:30 mark with the Warriors up by three points. That’s a HUGE possession. He then misses an 11-foot jumper at the 2:15 mark. Made two free throws at 1:23, that tied the game at 100. Then he gives up the 33-foot shot to LeBron at 58 seconds, and then the inbounds. HE disintegrated. His team put him into a position to where Steph Curry could have been THAT GUY… Steph wasn’t there when they needed him at the end, and that turnover was the beginning of the end… He doesn’t have Kevin Durant, that’s why he can’t win at the end. That’s why he can’t get those shots and get those looks when it matters at the end of the games because he’s too small. He did this in the Finals when he turned it over after doing a behind-the-back, dipsy-doodle pass, which he threw out of bounds… He could have STOLEN that game from the Lakers.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker blast Steph Curry for ‘disintegrating’ in the final three minutes of their late-game collapse to the Lakers, as Rob said Steph once again lived up to his billing of disappearing in the fourth quarter when the game is on the line.

Check out the video above as Parker details why this was just another classic example of why Steph can’t win these big games without Golden State's former two-time NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant.

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