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Clay Travis Calls Out Stephen A. Smith For Controversial Tim Tebow Comments

Stephen A. Smith: ‘When George Floyd ultimately was murdered by Derek Chauvin the cop and you saw people rioting and protesting in the streets, it wasn’t just about him, it was about the symbolism of what transpired because Black people have repeatedly felt like we have the proverbial ‘knee on our neck’. We constantly have to scratch and claw our way and when we see someone of a different ilk, of a different ethnicity, getting opportunities we know we would never get, that’s where the words ‘White Privilege’ come from.’

Clay Travis: "Stephen A. Smith connected Tim Tebow potentially playing tight end for the Jacksonville Jaguars to George Floyd dying. This is one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard anyone make in the history of sports media. There’s ZERO connection here… On the same day that he talked about Tim Tebow, it was reported that there are three different NFL teams that are willing to trade for Deshaun Watson, who has been accused of sexual assault by 22 different women, the majority of them being minority. Yet Stephen A. Smith doesn’t say a word about that, which is tangible evidence that all the NFL cares about is trying to make their team better, and if you are white, black, blue, green, purple, it doesn’t matter if the NFL executives believe you will make their team better. They will even trade for you even though you might be Deshuan Watson, the NFL’s version of Jeffrey Epstein or Bill Cosby. It’s possible that Deshaun Watson is a serial sexual abuser, and yet Tim Tebow is the guy that Stephen A. Smith talks about in making some sort of strained analogy to George Floyd… This is a flagrantly bad argument by Stephen A. Smith that is designed to divide us, and it’s also insanely stupid. He should be ashamed himself for making an argument that is that bad and is that easy to tear to shreds. On the same day that three teams are willing to trade for Deshaun Watson, despite 22 sexual assault allegations, you focus on Tim Tebow, who is just trying to make a million dollars to play tight end, and has never done a damn thing wrong in his life.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Clay Travis blast ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith for connecting Tim Tebow signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars to the death of George Floyd, as Clay called Stephen A.’s controversial take 'one of the dumbest arguments I’ve ever heard anyone make in the history of sports media.’

Check out the FULL segment above.

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