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Colin Cowherd: NBA Media Needs to Stop Obsessing Over LeBron's 'Injuries'

Colin Cowherd: “I’m over this. LeBron has a high-ankle sprain. They can hurt. But LeBron has been playing now for 20 years, he’s played in 1,600 games. This is now your reality, this is the way it is. In the NFL playoffs NO ONE is 100%... I don’t believe that LeBron is ‘playing on one leg.’ He’s fine, this is a little drama. Joel Embiid wakes up hurt. Kawhi missed 20 games. KD, Harden, Bradley Beal…younger guys are hurt. Tom Brady played this season with a bad knee but Brady didn’t talk about it during the season. Both starting quarterbacks in the Super Bowl got surgeries in the offseason, they didn’t talk about it… LeBron, it’s a high-ankle sprain. I watched your highlights, after 1,600 NBA games, many of them intense playoffs games, you’re never going to be 100%. Michael was never 100% when he came back from baseball, but that’s the reality, it’s a tough league. It is travel, it is cardio, is it run, these are big bodies, but I don’t wanna hear about LeBron ‘playing on one leg’… It’s a high-ankle sprain, Joel Embiid wakes up hurt!” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the perpetual NBA storylines surrounding LeBron James’ everyday health need to stop, as Colin says it’s silly to constantly ponder the health of a 36-year-old NBA player who is never truly going to be playing at ‘100%’ after competing in over 1,600 games for his career.

Check out the video above as Colin details why he doesn’t want to hear how LeBron will be ‘playing on one leg' during their first-round playoff series with the Phoenix Suns.

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