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Steph Curry is Too Little to Actually Affect the Outcome of NBA Games

Steph Curry is Too Little to Actually Affect the Outcome of NBA Games
Jason Smith: “Steph Curry had 39 in defeat, but in the final minute of this game when it was close, we saw again what stops Steph Curry from really being the MVP. I get it’s a popularity contest but we watched Steph Curry for the second night in a row in the final minute of games, he can’t get his shot off because he’s too small… Other star players because they are bigger have two guys on them and still find a way to get the shot off. LeBron and Anthony Davis find ways to get shots off when they have two guys on them. Steph Curry can’t because he’s too small. If you want to say Curry is great because of his size, I get it. What he’s able to do as a smaller guy in this league is fantastic, but you can’t then hold the other guys back because they’re bigger. His size holds him back from being a guy that you can give the ball to in the final minute of regulation… You can’t trust that the ‘MVP’ can’t even get a shot off at the end of the game. He can’t get big shots off in the final minute when your superstars have to carry you through. I know Nikola Jokic, Joel Embiid, and other guys are going to get their shots at the end of games, but Steph can’t do it and he’s limited as a player because of it. His achievements are amped up because he’s small… At the end of games the star players find a way to get their shots, and Steph can’t get those shots off. I don’t know what else to tell you. He’s great for 47 minutes of game time, but in the last minute when you put a couple of guys on him, guess what, you’re not getting that shot off.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Smith explain why he thinks Steph Curry is ‘limited’ as an NBA player, as Jason says Steph is simply too little to actually be a player you can count on late in the fourth quarter to attempt big shots in critical moments of the game.

Check out the audio above as Smith details why Steph’s size is the reason why he’ll never be a legitimate MVP candidate in Jason’s mind.

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