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Here is Who Colin Cowherd Predicted to Win the NBA Finals

Watch Colin Cowherd make his NBA Playoff predictions and explain why he has the Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA Finals on his bracket.

Colin Cowherd on why he’s picking the BUCKS to win the NBA Finals: “Milwaukee has got a rough road between Miami, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia, so my Finals I am kind of wavering on because I just wonder if the Bucks are going to have too much taken out of them between three grueling and physical series. I don’t know what they’re going to have left in the tank but as a premonition, I kind of feel it. The Lakers have a health issue – AD or LeBron – somebody is not fully healthy. These are two veterans teams, it’s not like Milwaukee couldn’t have a pulled hammy as well. I am going to go Milwaukee over Lakers. I do worry about the high-ankle sprain and LeBron said he’s not 100%. How many series can he go without getting re-injured? That’s my guess, Milwaukee wins. I say it with very little confidence.”
Colin Cowherd on why the Bucks will beat the Heat in the first round: “This is a GREAT series. It’s weird, I like Milwaukee a lot in the postseason but Miami matches up size-wise, and I think they’ve got the better coach. The Bucks beat them 2/3 so I’m just going to go with the higher seed with the home games here in a very tight series. Take Milwaukee.”
Colin Cowherd on why the Bucks will beat the Nets in the second round: “I’m going to take Milwaukee. This is the end of the road for Brooklyn. Giannis has had a field day against Brooklyn and I don’t think the Nets defend the interior well. Jrue Holiday, PJ Tucker, and Giannis are guys that will grind on the defensive end. I think these games get ugly. Milwaukee is physical, goes right at them, and you see James Harden and KD struggle a little bit.”
Colin Cowherd on why the Bucks will beat the Sixers in the Eastern Conference Finals: “I think this will be a very good series. Giannis against Embiid is an all-timer. I’m going to take Milwaukee. I always worry a little bit about the chemistry component with Philadelphia.”

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