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Chris Broussard Blasts Scottie Pippen For Marginalizing Jordan in New Book

Listen to Chris Broussard called out Scottie Pippen for his new tell-all memoir coming out this November, titled “Unguarded”, in which Pippen will shed more light on the legendary 1990’s Chicago Bulls teams that won six NBA Championships in eight seasons.

Pippen wasn’t happy with how he was represented during ESPN’s running of the “Last Dance” documentary in April of 2020, which centered around Michael Jordan’s recollection of the iconic run Chicago had. In this book Pippen doesn’t shy away from throwing shade at Jordan, saying there would be no championships without Pippen, and how he was the leader of that team, and not Jordan.

Broussard called Jordan a ‘king’, whereas Scottie was a ‘little prince.’ He also was critical of Pippen’s second and third stops in Houston and in Portland, where both teams boasted extremely talented rosters who failed to win any titles while Pippen was in town.

Check out the video above as Chris Broussard comes out hot, using his patented ‘STOOOOOP IT!!!!’ line to begin his monologue. (FULL segment at bottom of page).

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